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Landscaping - JKB Services

Here at JKB, our professional and friendly team pride ourselves in our specialized field of landscaping with over 25 years of experience in the Construction Industry. Quality assured, we can provide your home with a Backyard Retreat or an eye catching front to compliment your home.

Having a large or small garden allows you to extend your living area and gives you that long lost connection with the great outdoors.

If you are unsure on what to do with your backyard, we can offer an onsite consultation and can organize a design plan to be developed.

If you’re unsure what styles of gardens there are, we are open to working with you to create the perfect garden to suit your personality.

JKB Building services can build your dream, we specialise in total construction, our expert team of builders, garden designers and landscapers work with you every step of the way, we can even project manage the whole job for you. The multi-skilled JKB team also provide a number of specialist services including the Building of Outdoor Rooms, Porticos, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, paving, decking, irrigation systems, water features, outdoor kitchens, glass fencing and garden lighting, we are an Adelaide based Building & Landscaping business and we are ready to turn your dreams into reality.


Porcelain tiles are a preferred pool surround material because of their slip resistance feature. Even when exposed to water, porcelain tiles won’t become slippery or especially dangerous to walk on. This makes them invaluable around a pool, especially if you’re concerned about kids running and slipping when enjoying the swimming pool this summer.

Mold And Mildew Resistant

Mold, mildew, and other bacteria can be a concern in wet areas such as around Pools. Porcelain outdoor pavers are the perfect solution for wet surfaces around the pool since their nonporous nature makes them antimicrobial as well as highly resistant to mould and mildew. If you have a high-traffic  pool area you need to keep clean, are concerned about kids or pets becoming ill, or simply prefer the most sanitary solution possible, porcelain tiles are an ideal choice.

Low Maintenance 

Porcelain pavers are one of the most popular choices for outdoor landscapes because they’re extremely durable and easy to take care of. Unlike many other popular pavers and stone solutions, porcelain tiles are easy to clean and don’t require sealing to preserve their condition. They’re stain-resistant, fire-resistant, frost-resistant, and less susceptible to erosion, scratching, and chipping. If one of your porcelain tiles does happen to get damaged, they’re simple and affordable to replace since each individual tile can be lifted up. Other pool deck materials, such as brick or poured concrete, can require extensive repair or replacement if even a small area is damaged.

Upscale Appearance

The subtle and elegant appearance of porcelain tile helps it enhance any pool area where it’s installed. It’s available in a virtually endless combination of customizable colors and finishes, so it has unparalleled versatility that allows it to complement any back yard design.  No matter what style you’re looking to achieve, porcelain pavers are the perfect finishing touch for any new swimming pool or swimming pool renovation.