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Firepits in Winter

Firepits are one way to add an extra element to your home and lifestyle. There are so many benefits to having this addition, and especially coming into the cooler months. There is a calming and soothing feeling that comes about by sitting by a fire. Spending time with your family or entertaining with friends around

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‘Which Pavers Should I Use?’

Before beginning an outdoor project, you will be thinking about why you’re getting it done in the first place; whether it be for functionality, durability, specific walking areas or just aesthetics – certain pavers are more applicable for specific situations. There are a few considerations to take into account before deciding. What is the size

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Which Stone to Use for a Landscape Stone Wall

Stone walls have always been around but recently there has been a surge in desire to have a range of stone walls added to their landscape design. People want a stone wall for many different reasons whether it be aesthetics or practicality – but many people don’t know what stone to utilise in the first

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Rejuvenating your Pool

Is your pool needing a face lift? Over the years pools can lose their appeal when they become old, damaged and even outdates. It is becoming more common that people are just wanting tweaks to their pools or even filling it in. There are a number of aspects to a pool rejuvenation which help in

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Which Plant Should I Use to Establish A Hedge?

A highly sought after feature of the modern Australian garden is the hedge. When designing a garden and taking on a new project outdoors, people go in with the idea that they want a hedge, but you have to think first the size, colour and placement. These factors will ultimately decide which plant is suitable.

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Pool or Garden Design First?

Beginning a journey of outdoor renovation can be a daunting task and usually the first hurdle to jump is what to focus on first. If a pool is involved it is generally what people focus on primarily; this is why it is always recommended that a project manager is involved to take charge of the

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Do I Need A Garden Designer?

The short answer is most of the time yes, you do. A lot of people wouldn’t have any idea where to start when starting an outdoor renovation, but experience shows that a garden designer is the most effective first step in commencing the project. When people are renovating their outdoor area or even their entire

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4 Plants That Will Flower into Winter

Currently it’s Autumn, which is a strange time of the year where it seems all the plants don’t thrive because there are leaves everywhere – but it’s the perfect time to prepare your garden for Winter. This article will focus primarily on Mediterranean climates such as Adelaide and Perth. In saying this, it is always

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Is it a good idea to deck around the pool?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stray away from the construction norm of either paving or concrete around your pool. Decking completely around a pool can have its benefits and when designed and constructed to a high standard it will drastically increase the aesthetics of your backyard. Before beginning a project

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Outdoor Kitchens; are they worth it?

Have you thought about what your life would be like if you had an outdoor kitchen, and whether its worth it? Outdoor kitchens are known to brighten up your lifestyle and even those around you. It’s a part of the Australian dream to cook a barbecue and enjoy a couple drinks with those close to

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