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Do I Need A Garden Designer? - JKB Services

Do I Need A Garden Designer?

The short answer is most of the time yes, you do.

A lot of people wouldn’t have any idea where to start when starting an outdoor renovation, but experience shows that a garden designer is the most effective first step in commencing the project.

When people are renovating their outdoor area or even their entire home, a landscape/garden designer seems like an unnecessary bill when the costs seem to just stack up. But even if you think you know exactly what you want, there are always details that wouldn’t cross most regular people’s mind which would likely cause dramas in the long term.

Garden designers can work with you to create an outdoor area which could either be ornamental or functional depending on your lifestyle and desires. They work closely with you providing ideas to specific details such as plants and materials whilst basing around a budget chosen by yourself. These ideas are then rendered into a detailed plan for you to work around and generally speaking they can usually recommend a landscaping company that they work closely with.

If the area is only small or realistically doesn’t need an entire plan to work around, the other alternative is to contact a garden designer for an onsite consult. This can give ideas and send you in the right direction for a much smaller cost.

Everyone knows the stress of finding a builder who is reliable and you can trust for a project, the same goes for a garden designer sometimes. Generally it is good to go with a garden designer who is experienced in the field and who has a great understanding of the local environment knowing what works and what doesn’t. A good designer will have a back log of completed designs and gardens worked on previously.

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