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Swimming Pools - JKB Services

We offer a range of services associated with swimming pools. We have dealt with hundreds of swimming pools on the sites we have developed over the previous years.

We offer Project Management of the entirety of construction, lay out, levels and every aspect required to fabricating or rejuvenating a swimming pool in your backyard Рthis includes laying coping, paving and pool fencing.

View some of the pools we have developed before to see the appealing finished product.


The project management costs go towards the following, this is based on standard pool install, this could increase if there any site issues or other problems

Management of pool install includes

Siting and location, Levels, Site management, Pool utility positioning and placement, Power requirements, Backwash location, Underground service locations prior to install and working with pool company

We will require the following for the pool install

  1. To be named project managers of the pool install
  2. All sign off for pool locations and levels to be done by JKB
  3. All pool piping to be at a required depth
  4. To be notified by the Pool installer of any requirements prior to install of pool
  5. To be the first point of contact by the pool company for any changes to the dates of install
  6. Any engineering for the pool to be installed given to JKB prior to any works
  7. Location and height of pool install to be double checked by JKB on install date.

Other requirements by JKB are

  • All coping to be installed by JKB Services, for Fibreglass Pools (concrete pools are different and will depend on conctractor)
  • All coping to be supplied by JKB Services, after chosen by client
  • Site supervisor for the pool company to be a fully licensed pool installer and to be onsite for the duration of the install
  • Pool to be installed as per building code and SPASA recommendations

Please note:-

In the 25 years we have been working with pool companies, very rarely do any of them get the pool in the right position, get the right levels or installed as per code, this is why we project manage all jobs, we will not do a job if the pool company does the coping, this is due to the fact that they cannot guarantee on the contract that the coping will be laid within an approx. 3 mm tolerance over the whole pool, the Australian Standard for the installation of Ceramic Tiles (as per SPASA recommendations) does not allow for this

None of the pool companies will check for underground services, if they hit anything then they have the right to do a Forced Variation and send you the bill, they do however have a duty of care when digging, we will find out if there are any underground services and notify the pool company, however they will still damage the services and you will have to pay to get them repaired, either by us or the pool company, even though we disagree with this, there is not a lot you can do about it.

Once the pool is installed, it is very difficult to lay paving around it if the coping is not level, the pool also has to be pretty level too, once in the ground the pool companies will not remove the pool, it is where it is.

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