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Is it a good idea to deck around the pool? - JKB Services

Is it a good idea to deck around the pool?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stray away from the construction norm of either paving or concrete around your pool. Decking completely around a pool can have its benefits and when designed and constructed to a high standard it will drastically increase the aesthetics of your backyard.

Before beginning a project it’s imperative that the correct materials are utilised to ensure quality and also safety. When pool decking is done correctly it should ensure a non slip and durable finish. If going with the timber route it is important to double or even triple coat each board individually prior to laying so that all boards are completely coated to prevent sun damage, splintering, slips or even leaching. On the other hand, there are an array of eco-woods out there which are pre coloured and made for purpose.

There are so many advantages to installing decking around the pool;

  • It blends into the landscape creating a luxurious outdoor experience
  • It is more flexible if you wish to change styles adhering to your lifestyle changes
  • Increased drainage through gaps of decking
  • Child friendly as softer land in the case of a fall
  • Can build a shaded or sitting areas as a part
  • Less slippery than concrete

There are also negative factors associated with a timber decking

  • It is higher maintenance as it requires attention ever so often
  • Being a natural product some boards may endure cracks and need replacing
  • Barbecues are not a good idea at the risk of them burning and causing a fire

Although, negative factors like this are not a factor if you go the path of an eco wood which are readily available in todays market.

Ultimately, before deciding what to do about the exterior of your pool, it is important to take all factors into consideration and seriously think about whether a pool deck aligns with your lifestyle.