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Pool or Garden Design First? - JKB Services

Pool or Garden Design First?

Beginning a journey of outdoor renovation can be a daunting task and usually the first hurdle to jump is what to focus on first. If a pool is involved it is generally what people focus on primarily; this is why it is always recommended that a project manager is involved to take charge of the renovation in the correct and efficient order. General consensus says the pool should be dealt with first, this is infact incorrect; the garden design should be created prior to commencing with the pools construction.

When idealising a pool, you probably already have an image in your head on where it will be positioned. When commencing with the construction process, its a good idea to get the garden designer out on site and check whether your mental plans are aligned with whats best for your outdoor space. The designer will look at the positioning of the pool not as just that space alone, but take into account the entirety of the garden and whether it’s being utilised to its full potential. They will take into account tree positioning, shaded areas, entertaining spaces, orientation, ground levels and potential to further renovate years down the track.

When a garden designer analyses your ideas and works with you through the design, it is a good idea to choose a reliable pool builder. Once decided, the company will come out and survey the area to see whether the pool build is viable respective of the ground level, water table height and very sandy, rocky or unstable soil conditions. Generally, they can work around the design but if it’s too difficult the pool may have to move coinciding with the garden designer and customers vision otherwise costs can rise drastically.

A key message the garden designer will put across to you, that the pool builder won’t, is don’t cut corners around the pool. Some people think its a good idea to decrease paving area, or lose a decking area etc around the pool as its an easy cut to costs. Remember that people spend almost twice as much time around the pool as they do in the pool. More times than not, people have the pool for a period of time and then realise they want a bigger area. Generally speaking, the pool builder just wants to get in, build a pool, and leave; the garden designer will have a more personal involvement, as they’ve probably seen all scenarios before.

Overall, when looking at renovating an outdoor space which includes a pool, experience says that working with a garden designer BEFORE the pool builder is best. They become as much a part of the project as you are, and work very closely with the project manager in working out what’s best on a personal level. It will save you stress and money in the long run, and you will have a beautiful garden and outdoor living area to show for it.

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