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4 Plants That Will Flower into Winter - JKB Services

4 Plants That Will Flower into Winter

Currently it’s Autumn, which is a strange time of the year where it seems all the plants don’t thrive because there are leaves everywhere – but it’s the perfect time to prepare your garden for Winter.

This article will focus primarily on Mediterranean climates such as Adelaide and Perth.

In saying this, it is always recommended to go to your local nursery and talk to professionals about what your local areas soil quality is like which will effect which plants to plant.

1 – Alyssum
Alyssum or ‘carpet of snow’ are a beautiful small plant with either white or pastel coloured flowers. These plants grow all year round in Mediterranean areas and are a beautiful ground colour to complement either a cottage or modern garden. It’s also a fragrant flower which is a bonus.

2 – Lobelia
Lobelias are a small annual herb which grow in an abundance generally around 5 inches tall. They come in many colours, although generally the most commonly used in suburban gardens is a violet-purple flower. Being a single colour it is very attractive and can blend into any garden and are incredibly easy to grow, especially thriving in winter.

3 – Green Veggies
Even though this isn’t an aesthetic addition to the winter garden, it’s a good idea to have a winter veggie patch for sustainability and convenience. There are an array of green veggies that thrive during the winter season;
– Bok Choy
– Kale
– Lettuce
– Leek
– Spring Onion
– Spinach
– Snow Peas
– Asparagus
And many many more veggies to compliment this green arrangement.

4 – Pansy’s
Generally, Pansy’s are about 2-5 inches in diameter and can literally come in almost any colour with 2 flowers on each. This is usually why people get carried away and plant a bucket full (which isn’t a bad thing!). You can get these from any flower shop usually in large packs are are a beautiful edition to any garden and thrive in colder conditions.

If you have any questions about these plants or flowers or want a quote on how to spice up your garden or outdoor living area please feel free to contact us on the contact.