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Which Plant Should I Use to Establish A Hedge? - JKB Services

Which Plant Should I Use to Establish A Hedge?

A highly sought after feature of the modern Australian garden is the hedge. When designing a garden and taking on a new project outdoors, people go in with the idea that they want a hedge, but you have to think first the size, colour and placement. These factors will ultimately decide which plant is suitable.

If you are after a smaller size hedge, a Buxus is a highly recommended type of plant. They’re distinguished primarily by their small stature, small leaves and consistent green colour. For subtropical areas such as QLD, Northern NSW and also temperate coastal ares along the Victorian and NSW coasts, the English Box is most appropriate. On the other hand, in more Mediterranean areas such as Adelaide, Perth and Sydney, Japanese Box are more ideal.

Alternatively, you can lean more towards a native hedge. A personal and common favourite is the Lilly Pilly hedge. Being a native plant, they grow quite well and are widely used Australia wide. Regardless of having a number of types of Lilly Pilly, the plant is distinguished by its thick glossy green leaves with a flush of vibrant maroon colours coming through. It also produces small flowers in the spring, and small berries which are actually edible. The Lilly Pilly makes a great native hedge, wide block or informal screening.

A simplistic and easy care hedge would be a Murraya. They generally grow quite well Australia wide but primarily in a warmer slightly mediterranean climate such as Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. They are known for this boxwood appearance with evergreen leaves and in the spring they bloom a beautiful white flower that gives off a summery citrus scent. They can grow up to around 3 metres so its ideal for a hedge or a privacy screen.