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Artificial Turf vs Real Lawn

Artificial Turf vs Real Lawn

Have you ever considered which turf is best for your lifestyle? It seems like everyone wants the ‘hassle free’ option, but there is more too it that just looks.

With such a broad range, artificial turf has a much larger price tag upfront especially for top quality. Although, the price generally stops after installation as maintenance costs are minimal.

On the other hand, real lawn isn’t as expensive initially, although there is running costs of maintaining it such as water cost, irrigation, mowing and fertilisers.

What is best in the summer?

Everyone knows that lawn will be used mostly in summer, whether its for warm weather barbecues or even just sun baking. Either way, in the direct sunlight, Artificial turf is almost unbearable during these 40+ degrees days whereas natural lawn will actually be much cooler – natural lawn is;
– 20% cooler than bare ground
– 30% cooler than concrete, stone or paving
– 40% cooler than artificial turf

If artificial turf is close to house access or outdoor living area, especially over a large space, it can raise the temperature by a noticeable amount.

What’s best for pets?

Both styles of lawn are similar in regards to a pets wellbeing. Artificial turf has the allure of being a consistent safe ground all year round for a pet to play and roll around on without a worry of fertilisers or . Although, the heat factor comes into play as pets paws may get sore or burnt walking on the hot surface in summer.

Rather, natural lawn has its positives and downfalls also. Natural grass is softer and much cooler for pets and can handle their rough nature much more freely. On the other hand, the lawn must be mowed year round to avoid any accidents or snakes and utilising natural fertilisers.

Ultimately, both turf styles have their qualities, its just up to you to decide which is ideal for your lifestyle and outdoor living space – give us a call and we can find out what that is with a FREE QUOTE.